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About Michiel B.L. Korte

Michiel B.L. Korte's Biography


"I was born with a keen interest in storytelling and royalty. My earliest memories are scanning our local library's history books for interesting stories and re-enacting them at home with my stuffed animals. I also wrote stories of my own, which I would read to friends and family. Because of my love of storytelling, I turned to theatre acting from a young age and I was able to work with wonderful people and tell audiences the most amazing stories. But one day a story found me...

I came across an article mentioning Ernestine Lambriquet, who was adopted by Marie Antoinette and who survived the French Revolution. I eagerly searched for books about her specifically, but there were none to be found. It was there and then that I took it upon myself to tell the world of this remarkable person..."

Michiel B.L. Korte (16th December 2002) lives in The Hague and studies English Language and Culture at Leiden University

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